PERU 143

      aka Peru Dyer Jalea

Peru is a muralist and graphic artist whose practice is informed by digital and traditional art forms and his 20+ years of painting graffiti. A proponent of the ‘Graffuturism’ movement and avid traveler who has called many cities “home,” much of Peru’s artistic energy today is dedicated to bridging and advancing the traditions of graffiti and mural art.


His style is marked by a puzzle-like use of simple geometric shapes, clean lines scaled up to fit any space, and use of primary colours evocative of the simplicity of childhood. Reworking simple and bright graphic elements into complex patterns and meditative murals, Peru’s art evokes a feeling of uplifting wonder.


Ultimately, his purpose is to encourage social change in the form of consciousness-shifting works of art – to create works that communicate the necessity to raise the vibration and rise above our differences by understanding the interconnectedness of all living things.

He continues exploring these themes between Montreal & Toronto where he lives with his beautiful wife and kids.

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